SmartX Cerebral Success Review – Is It Worth It? [2022 Update]

smartx cerebral success


  • Provides nourishment to the brain with vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients
  • Contains a couple of good nootropic ingredients


  • Contains Caffeine
  • Contains some filler ingredients
  • Not worth the high price


SmartX by Cerebral Success is a high-promising nootropic stack. The brand owes its inception to the show Shark Tank by ABC network. It was a much-hyped product during the launch, but, the effect has worn off over time. Probably because the makers didn’t get everything right. The formula doesn’t seem to work as per the claims. It contains some useful nootropics but being a proprietary blend it’s hard to find out if the dosage of each ingredient is sufficient. Our research says the dosage might be less which is why the effects are not prominent. The same is also evident from many customer testimonials. The addition of caffeine does not do anything to improve the formula either. Our suggestion is to stick with a nootropic that does work and has undergone exhaustive research.

The name Cerebral Success might ring a bell to some people, even if they’re not so familiar with nootropics. This brand saw the light of the day through the show Shark Tank.

It’s the brainchild of a college student, Trevor Hiltbrand. In the hope of creating a well-rounded nootropic stack, he created SmartX and bagged his investment through Shark Tank.

The brand started with high-promises, but we have some doubts regarding its efficacy. Given that, we decided to research it and see whether it serves the purpose for you or not.

Read on to know what we have discovered.

What Does SmartX Cerebral Success Do?

SmartX by Cerebral Success is a nootropic supplement designed for maximum brainpower. It claims to enhance memory, focus, and concentration.

Further, it claims to keep your brain healthy by providing essential nutrients and preventing neurotransmitters from being degraded.

To see how accurate the claims are, let’s study its ingredients

SmartX Cerebral Success Ingredients

Huperzine A

Huperzine is an excellent source of acetylcholine and helps to prevent its breakage.

Wonder what acetylcholine does?

It is one of the most critical neurotransmitters in the body. It plays a crucial role in cognitive functions like memory and learning. (1)

Based on the research done by Acta Pharmacologica Sinica, Huperzine A is also used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s. (2)


Vinpocetine is a chemical compound derived from the leaves of Vinca minor plant. It is used in sports and weight loss supplements. It has also found use as a cognitive enhancer.

Vinpocetine is known to increase blood flow in the brain.

A study published in Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews reported no benefit of using Vinpocetine for cognitive impairment. More studies are required to asses the use and safety of this compound.


Phosphatidylserine is a fatty substance that naturally occurs in the body and plays an essential role in various bodily functions.

It is known to prevent memory loss and age-related mental decline. A study published in Science Direct shows it helps with the formation of short-term memory and consolidation of long-term memory.

It promotes the neurotransmitters dopamine and acetylcholine. These brain chemicals improve mood stability and offer less anxiety. (1, 2, 3)

It also increases the Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). This can result in improved mental clarity.


Bacopa Monnieri is an active antioxidant fighting against free radicals. 

At the same time, it can boost brain chemicals like GABA, acetylcholine, and serotonin. These improve memory, focus, and mood stability. (1, 2)

Bacopa Monnieri will boost your mental processing no matter how stressed you are, so don’t worry.  (5)


Glucuronolactone is a naturally occurring substance. It’s a product of glucose breakdown in the liver.

It is commonly used in energy drinks as it leads to an increase in energy, strength, and endurance.

Although individually the nootropic effects of Glucuronolactone are not studied, some studies prove that energy drinks containing Glucuronolactone enhance performance and cognition. (1)


DHA is a type of omega-3 fat. The body can only make a small amount of it, so we need to get it from food or supplements.

There is some evidence that proves that DHA can help with the prevention of depression and anxiety. (1, 2)


Cognizin is a patented form of citicoline. Citicoline or CDP-Choline is a chemical that occurs naturally in the brain. As a supplement, it is used to treat Alzheimer’s disease and other brain disorders.

CDP Choline is considered safe when taken for the short-term. There are no scientific studies to prove its long term efficacy. (1)

Cognizin citicoline can also support brain chemistry by raising acetylcholine. Thus, attention, learning, and memory get a positive impact. (2,3)


No matter how great the source of caffeine is, it is not an ingredient we prefer to see in a nootropic stack.

It does provide some instant brain stimulation and also gives you a good kick before a tough task.

But, the truth is, the boost provided by caffeine is temporary. It may also lead to some side-effects in people who are sensitive to caffeine.


Theanine is an amino acid commonly extracted from tea leaves.

It helps to reduce anxiety and stress. Theanine can also help with mood. A study published in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry supports these claims.

Studies confirm its positive effect on mental alertness (1). A report published by MDPI  supports the anti-stress effects of Theanine.

One of its best features is that Theanine can relax the mind without causing drowsiness (1).


L-Tyrosine is a valuable amino acid. It helps the body to produce dopamine.

Tyrosine promotes mental alertness and focus. It improves mood and stress response. Studies confirm this supplement enhances working memory and improves mental alertness (1) (2) (3).

L-tyrosine helps us through stress. It can promote memory function under stressful conditions. (4, 5, 6)

Schisandrin A

Schisandra is a Chinese fruit-bearing vine plant. The fruit contains many medicinal values.

The company claims that this herb is effective in giving a mental edge. But, there were no further details on its exact purpose. We could not find any supporting studies too.


Glutamine is an amino acid and a critical part of the immune system.

The body naturally produces L-glutamine, but sometimes it needs more than it’s able to provide. Hence, L-glutamine is considered a conditionally essential amino acid.

It does not offer any direct nootropic benefits, but it’s an excellent supplement for overall health and immunity. (1)


B vitamins play key roles in the body and brain functioning. Since they are involved in different interrelated pathways of energy generation, lack of any of these can negatively impact the whole process.

Vit B3, also called Niacin is a precursor to NADPH and can help in the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which can, in turn, help in enhancing cognition. (1)

Vit B6 helps in the release of serotonin, a chemical that helps to regulate mood and social behavior. 

Vit B12 supports the normal function of nerve cells and is required for red blood cell formation and DNA synthesis.  

A study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry indicates that Vit B6 & B12 can help with depression by reducing the level of homocysteine in the body.

Are SmartX Cerebral Success Ingredients Safe And Effective?

The company is honest to mention that slight side-effects may appear like nausea and headaches. This entirely depends on the individual’s tolerance.

Caffeine may lead to some unwanted reactions. Having said that, we do not see any significant threat with the majority of the ingredients. We only wish there were fewer fillers and more active nootropics in it.

It’s best to consult your healthcare practitioner before including a new supplement in your diet.

In addition to it, we suggest some users avoid nootropic supplements altogether:

  • Pregnant or nursing mothers
  • Children under the age of 18 years

How to Take SmartX Cerebral Success?

One bottle of SmartX Cerebral Success contains 60 capsules.

The manufacturer suggests to start with one tablet per day and work your way up to two tablets per day. You can take it in the morning, for a productive start or later in the day to combat post-lunch sleepiness.

Should you ‘cycle’ SmartX Cerebral Success?

Cycling refers to taking a break of 1-2 days in between so that the body can reset and is better able to take advantage of the supplement. The manufacturer advises taking 1-2 days off in a week.

Customers Reviews

Hi I buy this for all my family because it has really worked well for my memory. I feel so much more alert in the day too. Really happy I found this on Shark Tank.


It really had no effect on my friend nor me. If anything it made him feel a little nauseated


The product did nothing for me, just a regular minor caffeine rush. Definitely not worth $69. Furthermore, I looked further into the company afterwards, and can tell you that they employ a lot of sketchy tactics to gain customers. This includes fake reviews on websites, and creating websites/videos were the founder's wife ranks the supplements (ranking Cerebral Success Number One) but doesn't mention/disclaim anything about how she would obviously be biased. She also has a written article online under the name Jessica Dungan where she ranks the top 10 brain supplements. I believe it is still up. Save your money.


Who Makes SmartX Cerebral Success?

Cerebral Success LLC is the company behind the supplement SmartX. It is based in the USA. The company originated after the young entrepreneur Trevor Hiltbrand pitched his idea on Shark Tank in 2014 and bagged an investment.

There isn’t much information available about the company on its official website. This seems a little dubious as for the supplements industry, it’s vital to be transparent with the customers. It does raise some concern regarding the authenticity of the product.

The company claims to use high-quality ingredients and produce the supplement in an FDA approved facility.

However, it would have been good if the company had provided some scientific research on the efficacy of its formula.

Where To Buy SmartX Cerebral Success?

Cerebral Success SmartX can be bought from the official website.

  • 1 bottle of Cerebral Success SmartX (60 capsules): $65.
  • Pack of two bottles: $115
  • Pack of three bottles: $150

Shipping is free when you purchase any of the ‘pack’ bundles.

Return Policy And Money-Back Guarantee

Cerebral Success offers a full money refund guarantee if you return the product within 30 days of purchase.

Is SmartX Cerebral Success A Good Nootropic For You?

Let’s break it down to the points that we feel require attention.

Overall there are some excellent nootropics used like Bacopa, L-theanine, and L-Tyrosine. However, due to the proprietary blend, there’s no way to know the dosage of each. Hence, it’s difficult to comment on the potency of the supplement.

Caffeine is an unnecessary addition. It leads to temporary stimulation and a crash afterward. It may also lead to some unwanted side-effects in people who are sensitive to caffeine.

Regarding Glucuronolactone, there are no studies that prove it actually helps to boost performance. The only researches available are the ones that have been run on the energy drinks that contain Glucuronolactone as one of the ingredients.

For the number of doubts this supplement raises in the head, we feel it’s not worth the high price.

If you want to be completely assured of adding a great nootropic supplement in your diet then we suggest you go for the one that comes from a trusted and well-placed brand.

We suggest a nootropic stack that is devoid of fillers and contains real nootropic ingredients. One such nootropic supplement that wins our confidence is Mind Lab Pro. Currently, it’s the leading nootropic stack in the market. 

Mind Lab Pro contains some of the best nootropics like Bacopa, Lion’s mane mushroom, and L-theanine that are proven to improve the brain’s functioning. It helps with memory, learning, sleep, focus and mood troubles with the use of natural ingredients.

Check-out the differences below to give you a clear picture:

Comparison Table

Enter your text here...

smartx cerebral success

SmartX Cerebral Success

Mind Lab Pro Review

Mind Lab Pro

Support Memory?

Encoding, Storage, Recall, Learning, Test Taking

Support Brain Energy?

Mental agility, quick thinking and focus

Supports Mindset

Mood balance, Stress resistance, Relaxation, Creativity, Motivation

Supports Focus

Supports Brain Protection

Fights toxins and unhealthy structural changes that degrade the brain over time.

Supports Performance

Speed, Process, Attention, Focus, Verbal

Supports Structural

Injury repair, Fluid membranes, Neurogenesis, Anti-aging, Fight depression

Meets mental performance demand

From day to day and hour to hour

Helps with immediate and long-term brain health and function

Free from stimulants and additives

Side Effects

Nausea & headaches

No Potential Side Effects


Per Bottle



Free Shipping


Limited Countries


Money Back Guarantee

Yes, 30-days

30 Days


SmartX Cerebral Success started off as a promising nootropic stack. Having its roots in the ABC network’s Shark Tank show, there were big expectations from it. 

The supplement turned out average in performance. It’s not as potent as the makers claimed it to be. 

The ingredients are covered up behind a proprietary blend. It contains caffeine and some filler ingredients that are not active nootropics you expect to see in a reputable brand of brain supplements. 

We suggest to check-out Mind Lab Pro which is probably the most effective nootropic stack we have come across so far. 

If you are in search of a nootropic that performs its function without any side effects, then we recommend Mind Lab Pro. It is touted as the cleanest brain supplement that has no additives and is 100% vegan - interested to learn more about it? 

Last Updated On: June 23rd, 2022

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