Nootropics Review Process

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Why is it important to research the nootropic stack you’re going to use?

The FDA does not regulate the supplements industry. Hence, there are many companies producing nootropics to grab the pie’s share. Each one of them claims their products are the best.

We aim to research nootropic stacks thoroughly and help you in making the right decision. The research we employ is scientific, unbiased, and covers all critical features of the supplement.

Here’s how we go about it,

Product Details and Claims

We start with preliminary research on the manufacturer/brand website. We note down the basic details, ingredients label, claims, etc. from the website.

Manufacturer Details

We closely study the manufacturer’s profile. We check credible sources for collecting information on the company. We examine the Better Business Bureau website for BBB accreditation, rating, and consumer complaints. We check FTC for any warnings against the manufacturer for false advertising or claims.

We dig into the manufacturer’s reputation amongst the supplements industry. We also take into account the people behind it and point out the information if it’s of any concern to the user.

Ingredient details

This is where our research team spends most of its time and effort. Ingredients are what differentiates a good supplement from average ones.

The potency of a nootropic stack depends on the synergy of all ingredients and the individual dosages of each ingredient. Some ingredients are best paired with specific ingredients. Our team makes sure to keep this into account when analyzing the effectiveness of stacks.

We dig into clinical trials, scientific reports, and any other medical news about that ingredient. We keep ourselves abreast of any new development.

Our go-to sources for Ingredients’ research include NCBIScience DirectWebMD among a few others.

Customer Reviews

We source customer reviews from various reputable e-commerce websites. We avoid taking reviews from the official website of the manufacturer. We believe there may be a tendency for the brand to only showcase the positive reviews.

As it’s not possible to place all the customer reviews in the articles, we try to pick a few of them that echo the sentiments of all customers.


As we study the ingredients in detail, we make sure to point out any adverse reactions that may occur.

Wherever necessary, we also point out the side-effects for people with various medical conditions. We check for ingredient interference in case you are under any other medication.

Buying/seller information

We check for reliable e-commerce websites that sell the product in question. We also check for the manufacturer’s return policy and money-back guarantee. If there’s something fishy about the policy we make sure to point it out.

Conclusion/Our verdict

We summarise with a careful study of each of the segments while weighing in the pros and cons of the stack. At last, we arrive at a conclusion keeping in mind what may work well within the tolerance level of most people. Of course, we make sure to mention important information so that you can make an informed choice.

Well, that’s it. We put all the pieces together and publish.

Last Updated On: May 17th, 2020

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