Neuro-Peak - 12 Facts You Need to Know

Neuro-Peak - 12 Facts You Need to Know
Neuro-Peak - 12 Facts You Need to Know

With consistent use, Neuro-Peak claims to give you heightened focus, increased mental clarity, optimal brain performance, and better memory function.

Last Updated On: June 23rd, 2022

Hundreds of "Brain-Power" supplements are on the market that claims to fulfill your neural-deficiencies; one of them is Neuro-Peak.

Neuro-Peak by Zhou Nutrition is marketed as a "game-changer" that claims to improve memory, focus, and clarity. The supplement also claims to provide brain-boosting benefits with consistent use.

To see whether it stands true to its claims, our research team presents a survey to understand the actual-science behind its ingredients. We also visited their profile on the Better Business Bureau to uncover some hidden facts to help you make a better decision before trying it out.

Read on to see the facts we discovered…

What is Neuro-Peak?

Neuro-Peak is the supplement that intends to put your higher-order functioning to the next level. This dietary supplement supposed to boost cognitive functions in terms of focus, concentration, and memory retention.

Aside from that, Zhou Nutrition claims it a "physician-based" formula that comes in a capsulated form to alleviate stress and anxiety.

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About Manufacturer

Neuro-Peak is manufactured by a multi-level marketing company, Zhou Nutrition based in Park City, Utah. The company with an alternate business name Zhou, Inc. started back in 2014 to provide high-quality natural products for health and mental wellness.

Some of the other products included in their catalog are:

  • Hairfluence
  • Thyroid support
  • Collagen Peptides
  • Mag Glycinate 450

The business is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, referring to the site; 1 complaint was closed in the last three years. The complaint was focused on the problem with product and service.

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Neuro-Peak Claims

Like every other nootropic, Neuro-Peak promises these central benefits:

  • Heightened focus
  • Optimal brain performance
  • Better memory function
  • Increased mental clarity
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Neuro-Peak Ingredients Analysis

The main ingredients are:

  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • DMAE (dimethylethanolamine)

Other ingredients are vitamin B12, gelatin, vegetable magnesium stearate, silica, and soy (lecithin).


A fatty substance produced naturally in the body, phosphatidylserine covers and protects mainly brain cells. A published study in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition reported this ingredient to slow down age-related memory loss.

Another study published in the Journal of Mental Illness suggests that it regulates mood swings.

Bacopa Monnieri

A staple plant also called Brahmi, bacopa monnieri might help to enhance brain function, improve memory, and reduce anxiety.

A two-week study published in Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine in 60 older adults reported that taking either 300 mg or 600 mg of bacopa monnieri extract daily improved attention, memory, and their ability to process information.

Neuro-Peak contains whole plant bacopa monnieri powder instead of extract, which may limit its effectiveness.

Rhodiola Rosea

It is an herb that may help your body adapt to stress when consumed.

A study published in phytotherapy research researched 101 people with life and work related stress. The results showed significant improvements in symptoms of anxiety after just three days.

Ginkgo Biloba

It is a tree in which leaves and seeds are used in traditional Chinese medicine.

A study published in Human Psychopharmacology stated that supplementing with ginkgo may increase mental performance, but the data is inconsistent.

A comprehensive review of research found that supplementing with ginkgo biloba did not result in any measurable improvements in memory.

DMAE (dimethylethanolamine)

DMAE is a precursor to choline, often promoted as helping to protect brain cells. It also seems to affect mood, improve brain function, and enhance memory positively but only backed by a few scientific studies.

A small study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society done in 1977 on people who had aging-related cognitive decline reported that DMAE reduced anxiety, depression, and irritability.

DMAE was once sold as a prescription drug under the name Deanol for children with learning and behavioral problems, but in 1983 it was withdrawn from the market, thus no longer available as a prescribed drug said Healthline.
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Are Neuro-Peak Ingredients Safe & Effective?

This supplement contains some evidence-based ingredients such as bacopa monnieri and rhodiola rosea, which may help to increase your mental focus. But we can't make you sure, how well this product works best because it contains only a few ingredients proven to have an impact on mental health while others require more clinical studies.

Moreover, we found that Neuro-Peak uses whole plant bacopa monnieri while the best nootropics on the market right now use highly concentrated bacopa monnieri extracts.

DMAE doesn't work for a lot of people. For others, it might cause potential side effects. We're also a bit concerned about negative consumer reviews regarding side effects. Thus with these findings, we're not sure about its effectiveness and safety.

The official website didn't mention any side effects associated with the supplement but based on ingredients analysis, here are some possible side effects:

Side effects of DMAE

Healthline reported its potentially dangerous drug interactions.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) reported its several potential risks, including:

Other reported side effects by consumers are:

  • Headache
  • Stomach Pain
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
The above mentioned side effects are possible but may not be the typical user experience.
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How to Take Neuro-Peak?

The daily dose advised by the official website is one capsule.

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Does Neuro-Peak Provide 100% Brain Power?

Well, some ingredients in the Neuro-Peak have the potential to provide instant brainpower. After in-depth analysis, we found some ingredients such as bacopa monnieri and rhodiola rosea, which may help to increase your mental focus to some extent. But Neuro-Peak uses whole plant bacopa monnieri powder (which limits its effectiveness) while the best nootropics on the market right now use highly concentrated bacopa monnieri extracts.

Further analysis showed insufficient evidence and potential side effects for other ingredients. Moreover, it contains soy (lecithin), which is a dangerous allergen.

To sum it up! Not all ingredients are tested or clinically approved. Some of these components are safe, while others are not. Thus we can't assure you about its 100% effectiveness.

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Warnings for Neuro-Peak Users

The general warnings for Neuro-Peak consumers include:

  • Avoid it if you are on medication or with a known pre-existing medical condition because DMAE may result in potentially dangerous drug interactions
  • Not suitable for people under 18
  • Consult your physician first before incorporating Neuro-Peak into your daily routine
  • Avoid its use if you are allergic to any of the constituents mentioned in the ingredient list, especially soy (lecithin)
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Customers Reviews

My wife loves it. It has been a great help in getting rid of memory blocks and fuzzy-headedness associated with medical stresses and pain medication.
J. Bencharsky
I purchased Neuro-Peak back in March, I was looking for a product to help me focus at work, however, what I did not anticipate was this product making me sick to the point that I had to go to the hospital with severe intestinal issues. I would strongly suggest checking with your doctor before consuming this product.
It's great if you like stomach pain and loose stools. After a couple of days of taking Neuro-Peak, I noticed that my stomach hurt and I had frequent diarrhea. Stopped taking it and a few days later I was back to normal.
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Where to Buy Neuro-Peak?

The product is available on their official website,,, Amazon, and other 3rd party retailers. For $21.95 per bottle of Neuro-Peak, you'll get around 30 capsules.

Neuro-Peak also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Neuro-Peak Alternative – Consumers' No. 1 Choice

Remember, all-natural ingredients never mean it's safe. Neuro-Peak claims to contain only natural ingredients, but they did not mention associated side effects. We're concerned about the ingredients that aren't backed up by scientific studies and associated with potentially dangerous side effects. Moreover, this product isn't for everyone, having an allergy warning.

To maintain optimum brain functioning, we recommend you try adding exercise and natural foods enriched in brain-boosting ingredients into your diet. A Research study published in PNAS demonstrates that physical activity can increase the area of your brain that is important for memory.

But still, if long-term cognitive enhancement is your goal, we suggest using a supplement that contains ingredients list with clinical support, 100% effective ingredients with no potential side effects.

Among the best supplements we've ever come across is Mind Lab Pro, which has proven to be the right choice of consumers without experiencing any side effects.

The formula is an all-in-one solution for your all cognitive health goals. Some of its most common health benefits include:

  • Faster information processing
  • Brain cell protection
  • Improved memory recall and retention
  • Greater stress resistance
  • Puts equal weight on long-term memory and neurogenesis

And many more…

It has a selection of clinically proven ingredients that have been scientifically tested. Aside from that, it is free from stimulants and allergens.

When it comes to pricing, we found its claims worth its price tag. To take all the risk off your shoulder, the company behind Mind Lab Pro offers an exclusive 30 days 100% refundable money-back guarantee.

Neuro-Peak vs Mind Lab Pro
Neuro-Peak - 12 Facts You Need to Know 1
Neuro-Peak - 12 Facts You Need to Know 2
Supports MemoryEncoding, Storage, Recall, Learning, Test Taking
Supports Brain EnergyMental agility, quick thinking and focus
Supports MindsetMood balance, Stress resistance, Relaxation, Creativity, Motivation
Supports Focus
Supports Brain ProtectionFights toxins and unhealthy structural changes that degrade the brain over time.
Supports PerformanceSpeed, Process, Attention, Focus, Verbal
Supports StructuralInjury repair, Fluid membranes, Neurogenesis, Anti-aging, Fight depression
Meets mental performance demandFrom day to day and hour to hour
Helps with immediate and long-term brain health and function
Free from stimulants and additives
Side Effects
Stomach Pain, Muscle twitching, nausea, Isonimia, etc.
No Potential Side Effects
PricePer Bottle
Free Shipping
Limited Countries
Money Back Guarantee
60 Days
30 Days


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Well, this supplement has potential to some extent, but we're a bit concerned about its side effects, insufficient scientific back-up regarding 100% effectiveness, and allergen warning. We came across some good customer reviews, but its side effects should never be overlooked.

If you're looking for a total cognitive optimization and really want to invest in your mental health, then give Mind Lab Pro a try, the most powerful nootropic on sale right now.

  • Boost mental performance to some extent
  • Provide vitamin boost
  • No proprietary blend
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Contains clinically unsupported ingredients
  • No free shipping
  • Not vegan-friendly
  • Contains allergen
  • Found to be associated with potential side effects
  • Negative customer reviews
  • Not Better Business Bureau accredited
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