Kimera Koffee Review - 12 Facts You Need to Know

Kimera Koffee Review - 12 Facts You Need to Know
Kimera Koffee Review - 12 Facts You Need to Know

Kimera Koffee is a tasty and smooth coffee claiming to promote your short and long term mental health.

Last Updated On: June 23rd, 2022

Kimera Koffee is sourced from a single-estate coffee plantation in the Jarabacoa region of the Dominican Republic. It’s infused with a combination of nootropics promising to help “charge your brain.” Specifically, the website seems to be confident about this blended formula (coffee+Nootropic ingredients).

No doubt, a stiff cup of coffee can help temporarily increase energy and boost focus. But, will the nootropics ingredients in Kimera Koffee provide more of a kick with improved mental health and memory? We did in-depth research to learn more, whether or not this formula worth its price, or there are much better alternatives available at a lower price?

To uncover all the facts behind Kimera Koffee and clear all the questions arising in your mind, our research team took a closer look at the ingredients, potential side effects, and scientific studies. Furthermore, we shortened all other findings related to this product to give you all the information you need to make a better decision.

Let's discover whether this product is really more than a coffee…

What is Kimera Koffee?

Kimera Koffee is a brain vitamin supplement blended with coffee that intends to increase your power output, focus, and mental cognition. The supplement makers also claimed it a tasty and smooth coffee to promote your short and long term mental health.

The supplement which further aims to let you focus without crash comes in a variety of forms:

  • Kimera Koffee original 
  • Kimera Koffee dark
  • Kimera Kacao boost powder 
  • Kimera Koffee original blend k-cups
  • Kimera Koffee amber
  • Kimera Koffee focus
  • Kimera Koffee seed stack
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About Manufacturer

Referring to the official site, Kimera Koffee started as a vision from a group of friends looking for a difference in peoples’ lives by blending coffee with powerful vitamins to improve cognitive functioning. The official site didn’t provide any other information about their company.  

We couldn’t find history and other information behind this company as it isn’t accredited in Better Business Bureau.

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Kimera Koffee Claims

Kimera Koffee claims to

  • Be a vegan-friendly supplement
  • Let you focus without the crash
  • Promote power output and cognition 
  • Promote short and long-term mental health 
  • Energize your body
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Kimera Koffee Ingredients Analysis

Kimera Koffee ingredients include:

  • Alpha GPC
  • Taurine
  • L-theanine
  • DMAE (dimethylethanolamine bitartrate)
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • L-glutamine


Alpha-GPC is a cholinergic compound used to enhance athletic performance and prescription medication for treating multiple mental disorders as it seems to increase acetylcholine production, a compound necessary for your memory and learning functions. 

A study published in Clinical Therapeutics found that taking 1200 mg of alpha-GPC per day for 3 to 6 months significantly improves thinking skills, memory, and learning.

Keynote: There is insufficient evidence regarding alpha-GPC’s effectiveness in cognitive enhancement, said WebMed


Taurine is an amino acid, especially concentrated in regions like the brain, and seems to improve blood flow when taken orally. 

Referring to WebMed taurine might be effective for addressing congestive heart failure and liver disease. 

Keynote: However, the evidence for brain-related benefits is insufficient.


It is an amino acid that helps to promote mental relaxation without drowsiness.

Journal of Clinical Psychiatry suggests that L-theanine decreased anxiety and improved the symptoms of schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. Another study reported that it increased relaxation without causing drowsiness or reduced resting heart rate.


It’s an amino acid that serves as building blocks for proteins and produced naturally in your body. It plays an important role in the immune system, and intestinal health, said Medical News Today.

Keynote: However, the evidence for about nootropic properties is insufficient.

Ginkgo Biloba

A study published in Human Psychopharmacology stated that supplementing with ginkgo may increase mental performance, but the data is inconsistent.

A comprehensive review of research found that supplementing with Ginkgo Biloba did not result in any measurable improvements in memory.


DMAE is a precursor to choline, often promoted as helping to protect brain cells. It also seems to affect mood, improve brain function, and enhance memory positively but only backed by a few scientific studies.

A small study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society done in 1977 on people who had aging-related cognitive decline reported that DMAE reduced anxiety, depression, and irritability.

Keynote: DMAE was once sold as a prescription drug under the name Deanol for children with learning and behavioral problems, but in 1983 it was withdrawn from the market, thus no longer available as a prescribed drug said Healthline.

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Are Kimera Koffee Ingredients Safe & Effective?

This product has the potential to provide you with instant brainpower. It contains some evidence-based ingredients such as L-theanine and DMAE, which may help to increase your mental health and focus. But we can't make you sure, how well this product works because the product contains only a few ingredients proven to have an impact on mental health while others require more clinical studies.

If we talk about its safety, then Kimera Koffee is possibly safe to use, but it varies from person to person because every individual has different internal chemistry.

Also, in-depth ingredient analysis showed some possible side effects;

Side effects of DMAE

Healthline reported its potentially dangerous drug interactions.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) reported its several potential risks, including:

  • Insomnia
  • Severe eye irritation
  • Muscle twitching
  • Convulsion
  • Skin irritation, such as redness and swelling

Side-effect of L-glutamine

The Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition reported that a number of biochemical pathways and cellular functions might be negatively affected by long-term glutamine supplementation.

Side effects of Taurine

High dose can lead to kidney failure reported in European Renal Association.

Note: The above mentioned side effects are possible but may not be the typical user experience.

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How to Take Kimera Koffee?

The official site recommends taking 2-3 cups or 4-6 tablespoons per day. The maximum recommended intake is 8 tablespoons (4 servings) per day.

The official site further recommends assessing your tolerance to be safe.

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Does Kimera Koffee Provide 100% BrainPower?

Well, this product has the potential to provide you with instant brainpower. After in-depth analysis, we found some evidence-based ingredients such as L-theanine and DMAE, which may help to increase your mental health and focus. You’ll hopefully get instant brain activation without any jitters.

However, you must keep in mind that not everyone will notice significant results because the product contains only a few ingredients proven to have an impact on brain health while others aren't backed by clinical studies. So, there are chances, some may experience increased mental focus while others may not see any difference at all. Results will vary greatly from person to person because everyone owns a different internal metabolism rate.

Overall, you may experience temporarily increase energy and boost focus just like your regular cup of Joe, but long-term mental health benefits might not be possible as claimed.

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Warnings for Kimera Koffee Users

The general warnings for Kimera Koffee consumers include:

  • Avoid it if you are on medication or with a known pre-existing medical condition because DMAE may result in potentially dangerous drug interactions
  • Avoid overdose because a high dose of taurine can lead to kidney failure reported in the European Renal Association 
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Consult your physician first before incorporating the "Kimera Koffee" into your daily routine
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Customers Reviews

I was really hoping I would get that noted buzz of alertness and clarity that was touted with this coffee. The coffee itself is actually a very good roast - I take mine black and this was a rich, dark roast, so that was great. But, that's about it. No extra focus or feeling of energy outside of the normal cup of joe. I made sure to use a reusable gold tone filter and not paper as recommended, so guess I'm just not sensitive enough to the small doses of the extra good stuff they put in here. So, yeah, very good coffee but not good enough to purchase again at that price without the expected benefits.
The flavor is fine but very dry so it appears it is not very fresh. I have been drinking this coffee for a week now and there is no noticeable results in focus or energy.
It wasn't the worst Ive had but was just OK. The taste was decent but felt none of this nootropics. For the price there are plenty of other better choices.
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Where to Buy Kimera Koffee?

This supplement is available on the official website, Amazon, and third-party online retailers. 

For $21.95 per 12oz bag of Kimera Koffee, you’ll get around 24 servings per container.

Return policy & money-back guarantee

According to the official site, you can exchange or refund your purchase within 30 days via contacting them at

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Kimera Koffee Alternative – Consumers' No. 1 Choice

We have more to say about Kimera Koffee. Well, we liked the concept of the product, we also liked the few ingredients that actually backed by clinical scientific studies, but still, we can't firmly stand behind this because we've some strong reservations:

  • The product contains only a few proven ingredients which may have a modest impact on mental health, but others require more clinical studies to back up it's long-term mental health and memory claims
  • Some ingredients are found to be associated with potential side effects
  • Its manufacturers choose to hide the individual doses of all ingredients on their supplement package and official website, thus we can’t support its 100% effectiveness as claimed

If long-term cognitive enhancement is your goal, we suggest using a product that contains ingredients list with clinical support, discloses individual doses of every ingredient, and with no potential side effects. The formula of the product should also be budget-friendly, so you would make better use of your hard-earned money.

Among the best product we've come across this year is Mind Lab Pro that stands with our recommendation. The formula is comprised of clinically proven ingredients that are proven to be effective for long-term mental health and memory goals with no potential side effects.

The formula proved to be an all-in-one solution for all cognitive health goals. Some of its most common health benefits include:

  • Faster information processing
  • Brain cell protection
  • Improved memory recall and retention
  • Greater stress resistance
  • Puts equal weight on long-term memory and neurogenesis

And many more…

When it comes to pricing, we found its claims worth its price tag. To take all the risk off your shoulder, the company behind Mind Lab Pro offers an exclusive 30 days 100% refundable money-back guarantee.

Kimera Koffee vs Mind Lab Pro
Kimera Koffee Review - 12 Facts You Need to Know 1
Kimera Koffee Review - 12 Facts You Need to Know 2
Support Memory?Encoding, Storage, Recall, Learning, Test Taking
Support Brain Energy?Mental agility, quick thinking and focus
Supports MindsetMood balance, Stress resistance, Relaxation, Creativity, Motivation
Supports Focus
Supports Brain ProtectionFights toxins and unhealthy structural changes that degrade the brain over time.
Supports PerformanceSpeed, Process, Attention, Focus, Verbal
Supports StructuralInjury repair, Fluid membranes, Neurogenesis, Anti-aging, Fight depression
Meets mental performance demandFrom day to day and hour to hour
Helps with immediate and long-term brain health and function
Free from stimulants and additives
Side Effects
Insomnia, Muscle twitching, Convulsions, etc.
No Potential Side Effects
$21.95 per 12oz bag
$65 per bottle
Free Shipping
Limited Countries
Money Back Guarantee
30 Days
30 Days

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So, are you heading out to buy Kimera Koffee? Well, we liked the concept of the product, we also liked few of its ingredients that are actually backed by clinical scientific studies, but still, if you’re looking for long-term mental health and memory claims, our recommendation is to give Mind Lab Pro a try.

Curious to know more about this product? Check out our in-depth review before trying it out.

  • Temporary energy boost
  • Enhanced focus without jitters
  • Short-term cognitive improvements
  • Contains clinically unsupported ingredients
  • No free shipping
  • No worldwide shipping
  • Found to be associated with potential side effects
  • No FDA approval
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