FindingOptimism Acquired Brookhaven Retreat

We couldn’t be more happier to announce that FindingOptimism has acquired Drum rolls!

What is Brookhaven Retreat?

Brookhaven Retreat has been working in the mental health domain for quite some time now. It is known for the innovative solutions, and the comprehensive psychological support provided to patients suffering from Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Addiction, and Emotional Trauma.

Emotional self-disconnection and mood disorders have been two mental health domains where Brookhaven Retreat has done extensive work. By using psychological testing and treatment tools, they have helped clients understand the reality behind their conditions and how they impact relationships.

Several vital programs initiated by Brookhaven Retreat have been praised and acknowledged by respected voices in the mental health field. For example, the Lily Program was a 90-day program that involved training and guidance for emotional regulation.

Similarly, Poncho® was a program aimed at promoting life realignment for mental health patients.

What is Finding Optimism?

FindingOptimism has pledged to work even more tirelessly to support the mental health cause and help patients effectively to keep up the excellent work.

We have done extensive work in the fields of biohacking and mental health. We have also encouraged several readers to make small yet impactful lifestyle changes and enabled people to understand what their body needs, and teach them a do-it-yourself approach to mental healthcare.

Creating Awareness

Our work has contributed to society by creating awareness about mental health issues and protecting people from falling prey to myths and misconceptions.

Furthermore, we have undertaken a systematic review process to identify and promote evidence-based ingredients and nootropic stacks that can help improve the mental state significantly.

Nootropic supplements are commonly called cerebral boosting supplements as they impact and enhance cognitive functions like memory, attention, creativity, etc.

Our Review Process in a Nutshell

FindingOptimism has always maintained its unfazed commitment towards researching and delivering crucial insights about mental health. However, to become the one-stop source of information about mental health for thousands of readers, thorough research and review on our part is also called for.

Especially in the case of nootropics, having an informed opinion before consumption is necessary because the FDA itself does not regulate the supplements industry very stringently. As an organization trusted by many, we have considered it our responsibility to deliver scientific and unbiased information that can help users make the right decision regarding these products.

Primary Products with Honest Reviews on FindingOptimism

Mind Lab Pro

Being one of the most widely known nootropic products, Mind Lab Pro gives a major boost to cognitive functions like memory, focus, attention, etc. It even prevents cerebral degeneration in susceptible populations. Whether you are a college student or a corporate slave, Mind Lab Pro is a comprehensive supplement for your brain

Gorilla Mind Rush

Gorilla Mind Rush is an all-round nootropic supplement that boosts energy significantly and is used by many as a pre-workout as well. It has ingredients like L-Tyrosine that have proven effects on maximizing brain potential. The best part is, it keeps you away from jitters that could otherwise result from caffeine, guarana, or other similar stimulants.


Marketed as a fuel for brain health, Neuriva helps boost focus, memory, accuracy, literacy, etc. to a great extent. It is a blend of two ingredients - phosphatidylserine (a phospholipid, naturally present in the brain) and Coffee Cherry. It is known for its ability to retard age-related memory loss.


A brain supplement with an all-natural composition, Provasil can have a focused impact and produces noteworthy improvements in memory. Some of its significant ingredients include folic acid, vitamin B12, ginko leaf, and panax ginseng root.

Focus Factor

A supplement that has now been in the markets for over two decades, Focus Factor offers a clinically proven formula for mental health betterment. A few of its primary ingredients include DMAE bitartrate, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, bacopa monnieri leaf extract, bilberry fruit leaf extract, vitamin (A,E,D,C), and B vitamins (B1, B3, B5, B6, B7, B12).

Genius Mushrooms

Taken as a general food supplement by many, Genius Mushrooms helps in increasing mental clarity and are also helpful in reducing inflammation. Its primary ingredients are reishi mushroom, lion’s mane mushroom, and cordyceps militaris and sinensis.


A highly acknowledged and sophisticated nootropic supplement, Addtabz is a good alternative for a prescription medicine named Adderall. It is a perfect blend of essential dietary nutrients and stimulant compounds.

SmartX Cerebral Power

SmartX Cerebral Power is a good supplement for attention, focus, confidence, and concentration boost. It is a nootropic supplement designed for maximizing brain power. Some of its primary ingredients include B vitamins, cognizin, DHA (Omega-3 fat), and bacopin.

So here's what will happen next.

As FindingOptimism now takes over Brookhaven Retreat, we would like to assure the readers of Brookhaven Retreat that they’ll get the same quality of content as before, without any compromise on the research work.

After this acquisition, readers will get regular insights about nootropic supplements available in the market to help with mental illnesses and emotional breakdowns.

We will always be open to your suggestions and feedback and will deliver on promises to the best of our abilities.

Finding Optimism